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One of the hottest trends in candy making is creating your own unique candy bar...using one of our candy bar molds...Merckens Chocolate coating and toppings of your nuts, crushed up cookies, sprinkles or crunchs you can create your own unique candy bar....and while your creating your unique bar...why not create your own customized candy bar wrapper to wrap it up in...perfect for baby showers, wedding showers, birthdays is a link to one of the best candy bar wrapper programs we've found for creating your own unique wrappers on your own computer...its super easy to use and the customer service is awesome as well.

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Create Candy Wrappers The Easy Way With Award Winning Software

You Can Create Candy Wrappers in as little as 5 Minutes!


Over 35,000 Copies Sold World Wide!  Can you Imagine the excitement and feeling of being able to give your loved one a handmade personalized product that costs pennies on the dollar? 


I bet you already have most of the supplies you need to get started right now. Some plain or photo paper, a pair of scissors, and a color printer. Do you have those handy? Great!


Now all you need is the perfect software to create these wonderful gifts. That’s how we can help.


WrapCandy has thousands of designs just waiting for you to customize, print and assembled.  It really is that easy.

Just install the WrapCandy software, open a design, personalize the text and print. You may even want to add your own photos for an extra personalized touch. Wrapcandy software can do that and so much more.


What makes WrapCandy software great, is that you are not limited to just candy wrappers and you can make just about anything! You don’t need any extra software, you don’t have to pay outrageous fees for new designs, and you are not stuck with anything. You can change text, add text, change fonts, lighten and darken images, make colors transparent, resize pictures, save and edit later. There are so many thing you can personalize and Create from the comfort of your own home.

If you are a stay at home Mom or Dad, you can even make a tremendous income making and selling personalized products. The profit potential is amazing.


For instance, a standard candy wrapper without the chocolate sells for about a $1.00 each on average. It costs less than 8 Cents to make one. That is a huge profit margin. It’s almost like printing your own money.  Best of all, WrapCandy doesn't  charge you royalties to use our products or designs. You can print and sell as many as you like and keep the money.


Remember, this is not JUST candy wrapper software anymore. It started out that way but has evolved into an amazing program. Instead of making multiple versions of our software, and having customers buy plug-ins they have  made it an all in one program. It is an easy to use graphics program that is so affordable and versatile you’ll be amazed.


You can make matching designs for Candy Bar Wrappers, Water Bottles, Lotions, Bubbles, Bookmarks, Gift Cans, Diaper Cakes, Mint Tins and so much more. The possibilities are practically endless.


Soap, Candy Cakes, Mint Books, Fun Size, M&M’s, Altoids, Bubbles, Pint Size Jars, Open End Wrappers, Closed End Wrappers, Suckers and so many more. You’ll have instructions on how to size and make any kind of wrapper that you would like. You can wrap bubble gum, cigars, bottles and even candles. Your creativity begins here!


With the purchase of any version of  Wrapcandy Software, you have access to Thousands of Designs FREE! Best of all, we do not put our company name on our items.



Samples of the FREE Graphics

Samples of what you can create

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