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Sew What has done it again! We had the pleasure of unboxing the Sew What Subscription Box. If your not yet familiar with Sew What, they are a monthly subscription box for anyone on your list who loves crafting or sewing!

And we do mean any anyone....from children to seniors....and everyone in between. The boxes are self inclusive...all you need is a sewing machine. You can use a newer model or an really doesn't matter why type of sewing machine you choose to use. You will get great results!

Each kit is filled with everything you need to create the project of the month as well as extra fabric to create other goodies of your choosing. In addition to the patterns, instructions etc that come right in the also receive video instruction. In this particular kit we received an expandable fanny pack kit, complete with precut fabric, paper patterns, thread, pins and more....they really do supply you with everything you need with exception of the sewing machine...which you probably already have...and you can use any type of sewing machine as well...old, new, doesn't matter which is fantastic!!!!!

This box is the perfect project box for absolutely anyone who has always wanted to learn how to sew or who is already a sewing guru. The projects are all perfect for beginner to advanced sewers. If you are a parent and are looking for projects for your homeschooler...this is the perfect kit for your consideration. Its great for kids to adults as the projects are perfect for any occasion, gift or to use yourself.

In each monthly kit you will receive:

● A pre-cut sewing project kit

● Thread, pins, needle

● Video tutorial and written instructions

● PDF sewing pattern ● A bundle of fat quarters

● A new sewing tool or goodie

● Access to our Facebook membership group

● Bonus project video tutorials

Plans for subscriptions:

39.99 No commitment...cancel anytime Billed Monthly

37.99 3 Month Commitment Term Savings of 5% Billed Monthly

35.99 6 Month Commitment Term Savings of 10% Billed Monthly FIRST BOX IS FREE!!!!

After reviewing this wonderful subscription box I can honestly say that I LOVE IT!! As a crafter I can appreciate all of the time and curation that went into creating the monthly projects and curating the pre-cut materials to go along with the kit, making crafting easier and more enjoyable. As wonderful as the projects are, the reusable supplies are what makes it worth its weight in gold for me. The fact that I can collect tools and templates that I can use in the future.

Check out our video review on our Youtube channel.

Check out the Sew What Subscription Box for yourself.

Ipsy seriously??? What the heck are you thinking with these new style bags???? And don't get me started about the unscented Ipsy brand handcream called Refresher from your Refresher collection. Im starting to remember why I cancelled Ipsy the first time!!!

But there were a few things in this months bag that I loved...soooooo we shall see!!!! If you would like to subscribe to Ipsy: Subscribe to Ipsy Here

To watch our full video review check out our Youtube Channel!

Glam Bag: 5 deluxe-size samples, $13/month*

BoxyCharm: 5 full-size products, $28/month*

Icon Box: 8 full-size, celeb-curated products, $58/quarter* as an upgrade to your base membership (Glam Bag or BoxyCharm)

Hopefully next months bag will be back on track with the makeup bags and brand name products!!!! We shall see!!!!

Liquid IV quite literally saved us when our whole family came down with Covid19 last year. Our doctor told us that due to the severity of our covid we needed to get electrolytes in our systems in addition to the medications he prescribed, to avoid having to go to the hospital for IV fluids. He suggested to stay away from sports drinks and suggested we try something like Liquid IV. Thats what we did! And I am here to tell you, I truly believe I would have been taken to the ER had I not immediately started drinking the Liquid IV. I can't tell you how much better I felt after my first glass of Liquid IV and I was even able to make some popsicles for my son out of the liquid IV as well. It truly does everything that it states. I can't tell you how much better we all felt.

Liquid IV isn't just for using when your not feeling well! Its perfect for the hot summertime when we loose a lot of electrolytes due to the heat. Its perfect for those times when we just need some extra hydration. Liquid IV now has not only the Liquid hydration powder that you empty into your own water bottle or glass of water but they also offer an energy drink mix called the Energy Multiplier. Perfect for working out hydration and energy boosts. You can find Liquid IV in your local CVS, Rite Aid, Supermarkets, Walmarts...etc....or you can check out their website for special sales and deals and get it directly from them. They even offer subscribe and save deals.

Check out our full video review on our Youtube Channel

Check them out at

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