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Artvana is a Art lovers and crafters suprise box each and every month. Each box hosts a new exciting prjoect with all of the supplies you'll need to complete your monthly projects for the low price of only $50 with FREE SHIPPING. Its similar to the Sip and Paint parties that you see hosted in different venues and in art centers, however with this subscription, you can create your masterpiece in the comfort of your own home and when you have time...whether it be noon or 3am...the choice is totally yours and your beverage choice is totally yours as well.

Artvana supplies you with everything you'll need to create your own masterpiece. With high quality supplies like paints, brushes, canvases, art paper and so much more!!! New paint projects each and every month keep you not only interested but excited to see what will be coming up in future classes. Classes aren't your mundane boring classes that you read and try to follow on an instruction way.....Artvana has you covered no matter which method you enjoy learning, whether it be through video step by step or through picture and step by step written'll get it all, so that there will never be a time when you'll look at your supplies and think "I have no idea what Im doing"...not with Artvana.

This wonderful subscription box is perfect for any age group as well...senior citizens will love the versatility of the learning methods as well as the savings in not having to purchase things individually or purchase things you'll never use. Everything you need will be included in the box each month. Anyone at any age will gain confidence and experience in these classes with no experience necessary. If you've always wanted to learn how to paint or have always envied those with talent to will soon see how truly magical and easy this really is with the help of Artvana and their amazing methods.

This box in my opinion is worth every penny of 50.00. As an avid crafter I know the prices in the marketplace for these materials and find Artvanas price to be very very reasonable....and that is with the video classes, materials, projects, not to mention a online community that offers support and friendship if you choose to utilize that as well. Let us know if you've ever tried a Paint and Sip party or if you've tried Artvana and how did you like the classes? Were the supplies as high quaility as I find them? Let us know.

Visit Artvana and see for yourself everything that they have to won't be disapointed!!!

Unboxing the "Sew What" Subscription Box always brings a smile to my face. Its the perfect self inclusive, precut fabric kit ready for you to DIY with any sewing machine you may have on hand...its just that easy!

Each kit is filled with everything you need to create the project of the month as well as extra fabric to create other goodies of your choosing. In addition to the patterns, instructions etc that come right in the also receive video instruction. In this particular kit we received a water bottle carrier kit complete with precut fabric, paper patterns, thread, pins, elastic and more....they really do supply you with everything you need with exception of the sewing machine...which you probably already have...and you can use any type of sewing machine as well...old, new, doesn't matter which is fantastic!!!!!

This box is the perfect project box for absolutely anyone who has always wanted to learn how to sew or who is already a sewing guru. The projects are all perfect for beginner to advanced sewers. If you are a parent and are looking for projects for your homeschooler...this is the perfect kit for your consideration. Its great for kids to adults as the projects are perfect for any occasion, gift or to use yourself.

In each monthly kit you will receive:

● A pre-cut sewing project kit

● Thread, pins, needle

● Video tutorial and written instructions

● PDF sewing pattern ● A bundle of fat quarters

● A new sewing tool or goodie

● Access to our Facebook membership group

● Bonus project video tutorials

Plans for subscriptions:

39.99 No commitment...cancel anytime Billed Monthly

37.99 3 Month Commitment Term Savings of 5% Billed Monthly

35.99 6 Month Commitment Term Savings of 10% Billed Monthly FIRST BOX IS FREE!!!!

33.99 12 Month Commitment Term Savings 15% Billed Monthly FIRST BOX IS FREE!!!!

After reviewing this wonderful subscription box I can honestly say that I LOVE IT!! As a crafter I can appreciate all of the time and curation that went into creating the monthly projects and curating the pre-cut materials to go along with the kit, making crafting easier and more enjoyable. As wonderful as the projects are, the reusable supplies are what makes it worth its weight in gold for me. The fact that I can collect tools and templates that I can use in the future.

Check out our video review on our Youtube channel. YOUTUBE VIDEO REVIEW OF SEW WHAT

Check out the Sew What Subscription Box for yourself.

Captain Mail is the lil surprise you'll little ones will look forward to each week. This awesome treat will arrive in your mailbox each week or if you choose, biweekly or even monthly. Your little ones will anxiously wait by the mail box for "their" mail to arrive. Addressed right to your little one, this treat is both educational as well as recreational.

Captain Mail is a carefully curated packet of themed games, puzzles, 3D paper toy, newsletter and more...all ready for some great family time with your little ones. These fun, educational packets are address to your kids which makes it all the more fun for them. Kids always look forward to getting their own mail.

The materials provided in each packet help promote reading and creativity and you can be sure they are educationally accurate as they have teamed up with Encyclopedia Britannica for accuracy in the info that they provide. The age range states its for children ages 5 to up to about 10. But in all honestly I loved it and Im an adult....or at least I pretend I am. hehehehe

In each packet you will receive a newsletter with wonderful themed information and beautifully illustrated full color graphics. The packets are theme based...meaning the information in the newsletter coordinates with the puzzles, games and 3D Paper toy craft included in each packet. The packet encourages good morals, reading, and FUN! It also encourages that much needed quality time spent with their favorite grown up...being their mom or dad...or grandparent, baby sitter or anyone who they love spending time with....and away from the screens. ie: computers, tablets and phones. This old school approach is the perfect way for the kiddies to learn something new all the while having fun and spending time with the you!

Kids always look forward to receiving their own mail and this packet will have the kiddies waiting by the door for the mail person to arrive.

The one point of interest that we love about this particular subscription, aside from the the phenomenal price point is the fact that they donate a portion of their proceeds to organizations for under privileged children with learning disabilities. We love that!!!!!

A weekly subscription is only $4.50 thats only $18.00 a month!!!! for 4 issues

A Bi-weekly subscription is $5.50 thats only $11.00 a month for 2 issues

A Monthly subscription is only 6.50 thats only $6.50 a month for 1 issue

If you would like to see our video review of Captain Mail please visit our Youtube Channel

To check out Captain Mail or order it for yourself...just click the link : Captain Mail

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