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Box of Crafts for kids - Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!!!

Summer is right around the corner and we will have the kiddies under our feet for nearly 3 months. I love having my son around but sometimes he get a bit bored with his toys, pool, and heat. He needs something fun that we can do together and boy have I found the perfect Subscription Box for him and for any child who loves crafting. After viewing a sample box I have to admit my thoughts took over as to who might love a kit like this...this would be perfect for summer camp, Bible school, Sunday School, Day camp programs, Day Care centers, Preschools, Recreation facilities just to mention a few. The ideas are really unique too...things I don't recall seeing elsewhere prior to getting one of the boxes. Kits are all inclusive...all you will need of your own supplies will be scissors, glue and thats about it. They even offer an additional kit that has a glue gun, scissors and more....if you don't have them at home.

Box of Crafts offers fun and engaging craft projects for your kids to enjoy. Created for kids between ages of 4 - 8, each Box comes with all of the supplies and instructions to complete the projects. Often times, there will be enough supplies to make multiples of the project. We are guessing you have a few basic items such as glue, scissors, pencils and rulers but everything else comes in the box. Their basic monthly subscription box ranges from $20.00 - for 1 month or $54.00 for 3 months

You can also choose the Sibling Plain and simple - get 50% off when subscribing to a second Box of Crafts. Sibling Boxes are combined and sent to a single address. We are still guessing you have a few basic items such as glue, scissors, pencils and rulers.

.$30.00 for 1 month or - $72.00 for 3 months.

Did you know there is a difference between "art" and "crafts"? Art is typically open-ended, creative, unstructured and expressive. Crafts are usually structured, goal-oriented, skill builders, disciplined and helps with critical thinking. When designing our projects we try to balance between the two.
Over all we have to say that this craft kit from Box of crafts is worth the money...and your kids will love the creativity time. It will save you time in looking for a craft for your little one and going out and finding the supplies you need....just simply open the box and start the crafts.....WE LOVE this idea!!!!!

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