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Art Crate Subscription Box Review! Art for less and beauty from the best!!

StartFragmentArt Crate

Small $22.00 8X10"

Medium $32.00 12X18"

Large $49.00 18X24"

Collecting art should be fun, easy and affordable. Art Crate does all of these things plus so much more! They are your personal art curator.

This is one unique Subscription Box. Art Crate takes your taste in art prints and sends you just what your heart desires. You receive 1 hand selected art print each month.

You complete a fun survey on their website which gives your curator an idea of the colors that you like or have in your home, office, school, or anywhere you need a little bit of art pleasure. Each month prior to them sending you your personal piece of art (generally around the 15th of the month) you will recieve an email will three choices of prints that your curator has chosen for you that month. You simply email them back with the choice you liked...or if you don't see anything in those three options...let them know and they will send you an email with other selections....they are so accomodating and so willing to find you exactly what you want that you can't loose. If you ignore the email they send your curator will choose one for you that your curator feels would best fit your collection and send it to you. Do not fear though...if it doesn't appeal to you, simply send it back. There is no contract and satisfaction is guaranteed with a 30 day no questions asked return policy.

Prints ship on the 25th of the month. We love this USA based business and love the fact that when you receive your art print it is ready to use right from the box. As you will see in the photos the print comes printed on a matted frame...oh and by the way if you would like them to frame them for you, their prices are fantastic for framing! You would simply choose to add the framing onto your order if you so choose to. Oh and did we mention FREE SHIPPING!!!!

Grow your collection at your own pace. Change the frequency of how often you recieve your decide if you would like it monthly...or bimonthly or a few times a year....its all up to you.

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