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Something Snacks is something else...and we mean that in a GREAT way!!!

Something Snacks is something else....we mean that in a GREAT way! They are phenomenal!

Tucked inside of each Something Snacks subscription box each month you will find 7 different snacks these are not your run of the mill grocery store way.

These snacks are really different and many are from small businesses from various parts of the US. In each box you will find at least one sweet, one salty, one international treat and one healthy snack.

The boxes are very reasonably priced at only $13 per box if you pay monthly...that is month to month...if you want to subscribe and save $6.00 you can opt into the 6 month subscription for only $72 or a yearly subscription will save you $12 and cost only $144.

One of the special things that we love about Something Special is that if you try something that you really like and want to purchase more of that particular item you can buy them directly from Something Snacks. Another great addition to their site is that they offer FREE shipping with purchases over $8.00.

We loved the selection that Something Snacks had sent to us and we highly recommend that you give them a try.


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