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BitsBox Computer Coding for Children Subscription Box...MUST HAVE!!!!!

Do your kids LOVE computers? What child doesn't...Do you want to get them hooked on the most sought after professions on the planet! We found a subscription box just for kids that actually teaches children how to code in a safe kid friendly way.

BitsBox is the most amazing kids subscription box it actually teaching coding to kids. This program teaches children easy coding to create fun video games, puzzles, apps and more! It is awesome!! My son absolutely loves it and can't wait for his new box to arrive.

Coding is a language for computers and is just like learning any new language the earlier you start the easier it is. Kids can use bits box as soon as they can read or write.

Bits box uses simple commands to create cool apps that really work. Most people learn hard things by immatation and repetition. With Bits Box kids learn to program by copying app codes and making them their own. The work book they supply is so colorful and kid friendly that children will want to try them all. And don't worry about them messing up your computer in any way. The coding is doe right on Bits Box website.

The program is for children ages 6-12...but anyone could learn code with this awesome program. Boys and girls alike will love this. This is a super idea to use this summer while the kids are home for summer break with nothing to do. They will be learning and expanding their educational enrichment and will have a ball doing it.

Monthly Digital Book (download only) $20.00 monthly

Bits Box Book (mailed to you) $25.00 monthly

Free Shipping

Original Bits Box (as shown in our photo's and video) comes with

Book, posters, trading cards, stickers, temp tattoos, mystery toys and more...... $40.00 month to month subscription

$35.00 3 month subscription

$30.00 12 month subscription

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