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BoCandy...snack your way across the world with yummy treats from different countries. LOVE AT FIRST

If you love the idea of trying candy and snacks from all over the world...this is the Subscription Box For you!! BoCandy is one of the best international candy subscription boxes on the market at the present time. Prices are fantastic! With three boxes to choose from:

#1 Imported and speciality candy and snacks from around the world- find out about new treats you've never even heard of! This is the box that introduces you to how good snacks can be. Retails at $15.FREE SHIPPING

#2 A mixture of 20+ international and domestic snacks. These treats are mostly indie brands and include a beverage! Great for families! Premium Boxes do not include free shipping. Each Box Retails at $60! + SHIPPING

#3 A delicious discovery of both hard-to-find imported and speciality candies, snacks, and beverages. Beverages don't ship every month but, when they do, you are in for a treat! Each box retails at $30! + SHIPPING

#4 Quarterly chocolate subscription box 10 of the world's FINEST chocolate bars, once a year. Ships out December 1st (Christmas), Feb 1st (Valentine's Day), May 1st (Mother's Day), August 1st (Back to School). Ships in climate controlled packaging and is guaranteed not to melt.$40 + SHIPPING

#5 Will include snacks from Japan, South Korea, and other Asian countries. Will sometimes include a beverage. Great for the summer months! Retails at $30. + SHIPPING

Try candy and stancks from all over the globe right in the comfort of your own home! Great idea to teach children culture as introducing them to snacks and candies from different parts of the world.


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