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Love Going Out To Eat But Hate the Prices? Why not try Blue Apron? The Subscription Box - Restaurant

Blue Apron is literally a restaurant school in a box! If you love eating out and trying new foods this is the perfect box for you. You will learn to create new recipes for you, your family and friends and will grown your recipe box by leaps and bounds. But thats not the best part of this subscription box! The best part receive everything you will need to create each meal...everything from the meats, to the vegies, fruits, herbs, spices, butter, you get it all!!!!

Blue Apron is also perfect for those of us who are not very good at cooking...or for newlyweds.. This box is literally for anyone and everyone who loves to eat. For the beginner to seasoned chef it is made cooking fun, easy and healthy.

This company is an environmentally friendly company they purchase direct from the fishermen farms and small businesses that make our country great. You receive fresh produce directly from farm to table through local farmers who supply Blue Apron with only the finest from their farms. Blue Apron also obtains the finest cheeses from the Vermont Creamery, Country Natural supplies the delicious meats which are included in each box. Reeves Farms supply squash and eggplants...these are just a few of the great farms that Blue Apron has on hand to supply you will the finest ingredients for your box. Many of the the food products included in each box are organic.

Blue Apron offers you a choice of a 2 person meal plan or a family plan each month. Each month you choose for a wide variety of recipes from their website and they send you the recipes and all ingredients in the box.

2 person meal plan per week includes:

3 recipes and all food and ingredients


Skip any week...cancel at any time


Family Plan per week includes:

Family Style Meals for 4

You choose 2 recipes per week for $62.92

Or choose 4 recipes per week for 139.84


Your box arrives packed in ice packs and an insolated liners to ensure your ingredients stay fresh for the full delivery day.

In each delivery you will receive all of the ingredients you need in exactly the right proportions to cook your recipe for the week. In addition to the fresh ingredients you will receive beautifully printed step by step recipe cards that you can collect and reuse with your own ingredients in the future.

As if this program isn't already an amazing idea....think about the possibility of adding the perfect wine to the meals....right!!!! Well Blue Apron has you covered there as well. Blue Apron features small batch wines for only $10 per bottle with just the perfect size for 2 people. 500ml bottles.

The wine program is separate from the food program but can be added with no problem at all. Each month they source and ship you 6 bottles of wine typically 3 red and 3 white. you receive a printed card with each bottle so that you can learn about winery each bottle came from. You will learn which wine goes with what type of food, learn about who made your wine, where it was made and the method of which it was crafted. These wines match perfectly with the meal plan. Even though it is a separate purchase from the food plan at only $10 per bottle, $65.99

per month includ ship + won't wanna miss this one....order now and receive $10 off your wine subscription and $30.00 off of the Blue Apron Food Subscription Box!!!! Can't beat these deals...give it a can cancel it at any time with no problem. But we don't think you will want to....we absolutely went bananas over the restaurant quality recipes they sent and the artisan bread was to die for!!!!

Blue Apron

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