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Waterproof Phone Case that really works! Finally my dream came true!!!

#XIKEZAN This waterproof Iphone 5 case was exactly what I needed for my Iphone 5. Ive heard horror stories about people dropping them into a sink full of water or a swimming pool. One of my friends even dropped it into a toilet. I didn't want this to happen to me. I received this waterproof phone case as a product review.

I honestly can say with sincerity that this case is truly the most effective waterproof case I've found on the market. It is a two piece case...the first part holds the phone and then you cover it with the clear cover with rubber bumper base. It is perfect for everyday use...will help prevent your phone from shattering if it falls but more importantly it keeps it completely safe from water 6.6 feet for 1 hour.

There is easy access to all buttons that you use for volume, turning the phone on and off, charging, headphone jack etc. You can easily take the cover on and off with no problem and yet you have that added protection for when it is on. I use mine all the time...I never take it off. I highly recommend this product and would purchase more in the future for family and friends.

If you would like to purchase your own waterproof Iphone case just visit

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