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Fruit Salad Made Easy...No Fuss...No Mess!

We received a kitchen gadget for review....I was looking at it and thought Ok...My family loves fruit and I havn't made fruit salad in a long time....its a pain to cut up everything and such a messy drippy process....Im gonna give this a try.

I have to say after using this it is now one of our favorite fruit and vegetable gadgets! This set sells for a lot more on one of the TV Retail channels. We had seen the product on there and had thought about purchasing it until we found it on Amazon and it was a lot cheaper on Amazon.

One of our families favorite snacks is fruit. We love fruit salad. Its always been a bit of a chore cutting the delicious fruits not to mention a juicy, runny mess.....not anymore!!!!. With this duo set you can cut into a watermelon and have no waste and also spiral cut a pineapple getting every juicy piece and then have a pineapple cup to drink from. My son loves for me to put fruit juice into the pineapple after we take the fruit out and he drinks the juice right from the pineapple. Its a fun, interactive activity for parents and children. #BZTZWatermelonSlicer&PineappleCorer

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