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Just Like Fire...Flameless Votive Candles So Real Looking You Won't Beleive It!!

No more fears of leaving lit candles. This is one great set of votive size flameless candles with timers. I have found those cheapie flameless candles in the discount stores...I've even purchased a few and found that they either didn't work when I got home or they died within an hour of turning them on. These flameless candles all came in a gift box perfect for giving as a gift. Inside of the box I found every flameless candle working perfectly!!!

Inside the box was also a packet of beautiful faux rose petals to creating a scene with the candles. You don't have to use the petals but it was a nice touch in adding them. The flameless candles have a timer on them that will automatically turn them on at the same time each day...and turn them off at the same time each day. You can add them to votive holders or use them as is. Perfect for shower favors, decorating a bed for the wedding couple....arranging them on top of a table, buffet, fireplace mantal or anywhere you want a little flickering light without the fear of them catching fire as you would with real lit candles....these are so lifelike you won't beleive your eyes.

Very well made and as I said each and everyone of them work perfectly unlike those cheapie ones you find in discount stores. We received these for review purposes and this is our honest unbiased opinion of the product. #BatteryOperatedTeaLights

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