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Our Deck Never Looked Better!

We've been looking for a good quality Garden Hose Nozzle for our hose. We have purchased inexpensive plastic ones in the past that don't even last a month before breaking.

This Raaya Garden Hose Nozzle is built to last! It has a super sturdy metal nozzle and body. It does not rust or corrode. It has adjustable settings...from a heavy straight stream to light mist...easy to use simple twist the nozzle head to get the mist or stream you desire. It has an easy pull trigger that is perfect for anyone...even those with arthritus will be able to use this nozzle...your hand won't tire while using it like it does with the cheaper plastic type we had before. Its leak and rust proof too.

I loved the fact that it had a good pressure stream on it that acts like a light power worked great taking some of the grime off of our deck. #RY_GARDENER We received this products as a sample to test it and we are truly impressed with this product. This review is an honest and unbiased review. Buy this product with confidence.

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