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NEW!! Game of Family Diversity

#familypride Its getting close to the gift giving season! I was offered a great new game to review. The game is called Family Pride. This matching game is very unique. In a world of diverse families this game offers children and adults a fun way to learn about diverse families, from grandparents raising grandchildren, to Dads only, moms only, Jewish parents, Muslim parents, LGBT families, and many more....the game proudly highlights the diversity of multi cultural families and shows children as well as adults that all different types of families now exist in the world. Each family is as unique as each person within it.

The game premise is a simple memory game. You place all cards face down and each player chooses 2 cards and trys to remember where the match for that card is. Its perfect for children as well as adults....seniors get a kick out of it as well and it really helps with memory. This game is very unique and there isn't another one on the market at this time that show that families come in different colors, religion and sexes and that we should respect all family dynamics. I love this idea for classrooms in school as well as for at home use, community centers, churches etc. Love is love is love....and all families are unique in their own way. Celebrate our differences...and this game does just that!!! If you would like to check out this game for yourself I'll add the link:

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