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I've been searching for an accurate thermometer for about 2 years now. Every one I have tried is off....its either giving a super high or super low read. I finally found a thermometer that actually has an accurate read and I had to share it with everyone. Best part is the price only 10.50 with Free shipping if you have Amazon Prime.

The Easy@Home Digital Oral Thermometer-EMT-026 can be purchased on Amazon one of my favorite websites. This thermometer is highly reliable and durable and is a FAST THERMOMETER that shows your ACCURATE body temperature in seconds for oral or armpit temperatures. They have a Guarantee- 1 years Hassle Free PRODUCT REPLACEMENT Guarantee. **

** CLINICALLY High Accuracy: ±0.2ºF in range of 95.9 ºF-107.6 ºF. Measures Body Temperature to 1/10th of a degree precision (e.g. 97.1 F) in Celsius or Fahrenheit.

** 3-Color Backlit Large LCD display to indicate temperature range for easy to read. Memorize the last 10 temperature measurements

** FLEXIBLE TIP and WATERPROOF design: Easy and safe to use and clean. One button operation.

** Fever Alarm and measuring completion alert, Automatic self-test. Auto shut-off and low battery indicator


If you would like to check it out for yourself...I'll supply the link:

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