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Magical Holiday Book A MUST HAVE

I rarely get excited of a childrens son has read and I have read to him hundreds of childrens books over the past few years....but I recently received a childrens book that I must say I absolutely fell in love with!!!! The title of the book is "The Year Santa Lost His List".

The book tells a story of how Santa was delivering his gifts to childlren and suddenly a strong wind blew his list away...he had no idea what child went with what gift. He wound up giving random gifts or so he random children. The story shows how children received gifts from Santa that they didn't necessarily ask for....but as time goes on and they become see how those gifts brought out gifts in the childrens lives. They were meant to get the gifts they received after all. Its shows children that sometimes an unexpected or a gift they hadn't necessarily asked for could make a real difference in their lives if they only give things a chance.

My son LOVED this book....he has read it several times and has asked me to read it to him several times as well. The author Jill Ammon Vanderwood AKA Mrs Claus has outdone herself with the magic of Christmas as well as showing children that you don't always get what you want....but you do always get surprised in what you never thought you would like. This is a must read for the holidays.....and to make this even more special...the book was made right here in the USA!!!!! WE LOVE THAT!!!!!

#theyearsantalosthislist If your interested in picking up a copy of this sure to be a best selling holiday book you can purchase it directly from Amazon at an amazing price.

(click the link below to go to Amazon)

The Year Santa Lost His List book on Amazon

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