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A Mothers Best Friend During Flu Season!!

So many nights I find myself sneaking into my childs room to take his temperature while he is sick. Whether its flu or a virus or some type of infection...we as mothers and fathers worry about high fevers...but we also worry about waking our little ones while they peacefully sleep.

Its just impossible to take anyone's temperature while they can't just slip a thermometer under someones tongue while they sleep. I found the perfect solution and at an unbelieveably low cost. I priced these at our local Rite Aid and Walgreens as well as Target and Walmart...they ranged in prices from 39.99 up to nearly 75.00.

This duel thermometer is an Instant Read Thermometer, Dual Mode Ear & Forehead , FDA Approved... (suitable for 3 months or above infants). Also support to get ambient temperature. Switch between either modes in just a touch of a button. A large and clear LCD Display makes it super easy to read! - Intelligent Fever Warning: When the reading exceed 99.5˚F / 37.5℃, the body thermometer will warn the user with 10 rapid and short beeps & the display turning RED. Not just for infants...this thermometer is for all age groups who are suffering from a fever! If you would like to pick one up for your family or as a gift for a baby is the link:

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