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Imagination Mail Subscription Box

We hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend! We sure did...and we celebrated with one of the most unique Subscription Boxes that I've seen for kids and families. The name of the box was MY IMAGINATION MAIL.

The box was overflowing with fun surprises for our 8 year old. But I realized as we were sifting through all of the treasures that we found in this box that it isn't just for the kids...its a perfect family time activity...with hours of enjoyment in each box.

This company is offering our members a great opportunity to win one of their upcoming boxes. We are so excited to offer you all a brand new FREE Raffle for one of My Imagination Mail's boxes.

If you have children this is perfect...but for those of you who may have older teenagers or no children at all don't let that hold you back from entering this raffle...think about your family members and friends who have children or maybe your neighbors...perhaps a church group for children or Sunday School....teachers would also go bananas for this awesome treasure trove. So EVERYONE SHOULD ENTER!!!!

Lets get down to the nitty gritty of what we found in our box. The box itself is absolutely adorable...and perfect for storing craft supplies in or projects. Our box had a letter for the kids and one for the grown we found a Disney Egg Dying Kit that we used when we colored our eggs. There were arts and crafts projects for both St Patricks Day as well as Easter in this box...I was amazed at how much they were able to fit into the was overstuffed which was awesome and we felt that the value for money was absolutely amazing!!!!! The monthly price is only 39.99 which includes the shipping!! As you will see nearly all of the items are NAME cheap no name brands from the discount store here..... There was the popular Hatchmals game, an Egg Head Game..which is super popular right now!!! We also discovered Crayola crayons...most if not all of the items were all NAME BRAND PRODUCTS!!!! There was also a cute little bag of sweets (candy), note cards, stickers, slime, craft projects and the list just goes on and on as you will see in the photo's.

This amazing company offers a few other options for boxes like The Birthday Bear Box, My Tooth Fairy Kit or My Dragon Tooth Fairy Kit...these boxes are not by can order these as a one time box for a special occasion.

If you were to choose the monthly subscription box otherwise called their Fairy Tale Box you will receive a curated subscription box that is delivered once a month and contains seasonal toys, crafts, stickers, family activities, books and more that parents can use to create lasting experiences with their children. Everything in the box is hand-selected and carefully planned to ensure the child feels connected with the Fairy Tale character, the season and their family as they play together. Each box also contains a personalized letter from the Fairy Tale character, such as Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, Mother Nature, etc with the child's name inserted. Every delivery is personalized and magical! For additional family fun, each Fairy Tale character includes a calendar highlighting national holidays during the month such as static electricity day, popcorn day or wiggle your toes day. Parents often do not have the time to coordinate activities or are not sure where to begin. This imaginative service takes the guesswork out of planning fun interactions with their children and delivers it directly to their doorstep.

Would you like to give a subscription or special occasion box as a gift? How? Yes, simply order your product as normal but make sure the shipping information is addressed to the gift problem!!!

To order your own My Imagination Mail Box scoot on over to and also please enter our FREE Raffle you might just win one for yourself!!! Click here to enter our FREE RAFFLE

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