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Presto Photo College

Mothers and Fathers Day is quickly approaching are you prepared? We have the PERFECT gift for anyone on your list! We recently ordered a Collage Wall Print from Presto Photo. They offer unique opportunities to have your own photo's printed directly only acrylic, metal or canvas wall hangings. We chose a college style and had it printed onto high gloss sheet metal...the results are absolutely stunning!!!

We used photo's from the NJ Seaside resort of Wildwood NJ. We simply uploaded our photo's onto the Presto Photo website and arranged them in the template as we would like to have them. We were able to add wording of our choosing in various fonts that Presto Photo offers...we chose not to add the lettering on this photo collage. They offer pricing for every pocketbook...and every size you can think of for Acrylic, Metal, Canvas Wall Art. It took about 15 minutes to fully arrange the photo's on the site and add our info for shipping. It was so simple!! We waited a very short period of time and what we received far exceeded our expectations!!!

The package arrived, as I opened the box I saw how much care they took in wrapping the metal college was wrapped in bubble wrap and then wrapped with a cello wrap around the bubble wrap...there was no way anything was going to happen to this treasure. After unboxing the artwork I took in the details of the photo's I had chosen and the colors that are crisp and clear...the high gloss metal captured the stunning colors of the photo's with a pigmentation that I had never seen in the simple photo's themselves. There is a metal hanger on the backside of the photo college and also two rubber feet which sit against you wall so that the metal won't scratch or nick the wall in any way. They have truly thought of every detail!

To say that we were blown away by the ability to add our own photo's onto sheet metal or acrylic was enough but to actually see the finished project and proudly show it on our walls is the icing on the cake. Can you imagine having your parents anniversary photo's printed onto acrylic or metal...or maybe have a college of siblings for a wall in your home? We can think of a thousand and one gift ideas for this company...including Wedding Photo's and baby photo's.

In addition to offering these amazing photo colleges they also offer Photobooks, Cards, Claendars, Prints and of course our favorite WALL ART!!!

If you would like to check them out...the link is:

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