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Appy Hour Charcuterie Box With A Twist

Do you love entertaining like I do? The the one thing I dread when planning a get together is all of the shopping and coordinating. Schlepping to the supermarket with my list and not finding half of what I have on my list and having to setting for things that really don't pair well with the things that I already takes all of the fun out of preparing for the event. Not to mention driving here, there and everywhere to pick up things I'll need.

I found this amazing box last month while looking for Charcuterie kits online. This company sparked my interest for several reasons. One being that the company is a family based company ...not a big corporate organization. I LOVE SMALL BUSINESSES!!!!! The second thing that sparked my interest was that they find unique items that they source from all over the world for a culinary experience that you can't find in your local supermarket. LOVE THAT!!!! Third is that they really know their stuff!! They curate each monthly box with items that are meant to be served together so that you can enjoy your time with your guests....simple, easy to assemble and enjoy!

These boxes can be purchased as a one time box or as a monthly subscription....with different boxes each month. Who doesn't have monthly celebrations like Birthdays, Anniversaries, Holiday Parties, Corporate get togethers etc..... This month I featured a July 4th Picnic theme unboxing of the Appy Hour Box. But, this box could be utilized for any variety of purposes: graduations, Christenings, Baby Showers....the possibilities are limitless.

If you watch our full Youtube Video you will see how quickly your able to assemble your own Charcuterie Board in under 10 minutes. Appy Hour offers a 30 Day happyness guarantee. If for any reason you are not 100% delighted with the quality of your curated experience they will make it right. Your satisfaction is their priority.

One of the features that we love most about this box is that they send you a monthly menu. On this menu you will see what they are creating for the box that month. You get to choose which delivery date you would like or choose to skip that particular month. Each month offers a new theme with new'll never be bored!

Prices are extremely competitive. They currently have a special promotion which offers FREE BRIE Cheese for a Year!!! For 79.00 per month (medium size serving 2-4 people) you will receive 2 artisan cheese, 2 premium cured meats, 2+ accompaniments (dried fruit, nuts, etc), 1 dip or spread, 1 pack crackers, plus your FREE Brie Cheese in every box for one year, you will also receive a tasting guide with pairing recommendations. For 99.00 you can choose the Large box that serves 4-6 people and includes large sizes with additional meat and cheese. You can also choose monthly delivery, every 6 week delivery or every 8 week delivery. GREAT NEWS WINE IS ALSO AVAILABLE AS AN ADD ON AFTER CHECK OUT!!!!! How perfect and convenient could it be to serve your guests in style and with little to no effort. You will be able to say that your made the charcuterie board yourself after simply assembling the items that they supply you.

Caring Tastes Better so we felt it was important to add that Appy Hour Box is ethically sourced with meats and cheeses derived from well-treated, humanely raised animals. They support small producers by purchasing from small scale artisans who take pride in their craft and offer the highest quality products. They use clean ingredients. They also ship in sustainable packaging which is fully recyclable.

Overall, we absolutely LOVE Appy Hour Box! We love the quality of the foods that they offer, the convenience of everything coordinating so well together. The ease of assembling a beautiful charcuterie board with limited to no experience and having it look like a pro did it. Love the meats being presliced. The variety is fantastic and the convenience of knowing what the next box will offer and being able to choose your delivery date or skip a month is a really great feature!

If you would like to check out Appy Hour Box, we have a 15% off coupon code for you:

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