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Artvana Sip and Paint at Home subscription

Artvana is a Art lovers and crafters suprise box each and every month. Each box hosts a new exciting prjoect with all of the supplies you'll need to complete your monthly projects for the low price of only $50 with FREE SHIPPING. Its similar to the Sip and Paint parties that you see hosted in different venues and in art centers, however with this subscription, you can create your masterpiece in the comfort of your own home and when you have time...whether it be noon or 3am...the choice is totally yours and your beverage choice is totally yours as well.

Artvana supplies you with everything you'll need to create your own masterpiece. With high quality supplies like paints, brushes, canvases, art paper and so much more!!! New paint projects each and every month keep you not only interested but excited to see what will be coming up in future classes. Classes aren't your mundane boring classes that you read and try to follow on an instruction way.....Artvana has you covered no matter which method you enjoy learning, whether it be through video step by step or through picture and step by step written'll get it all, so that there will never be a time when you'll look at your supplies and think "I have no idea what Im doing"...not with Artvana.

This wonderful subscription box is perfect for any age group as well...senior citizens will love the versatility of the learning methods as well as the savings in not having to purchase things individually or purchase things you'll never use. Everything you need will be included in the box each month. Anyone at any age will gain confidence and experience in these classes with no experience necessary. If you've always wanted to learn how to paint or have always envied those with talent to will soon see how truly magical and easy this really is with the help of Artvana and their amazing methods.

This box in my opinion is worth every penny of 50.00. As an avid crafter I know the prices in the marketplace for these materials and find Artvanas price to be very very reasonable....and that is with the video classes, materials, projects, not to mention a online community that offers support and friendship if you choose to utilize that as well. Let us know if you've ever tried a Paint and Sip party or if you've tried Artvana and how did you like the classes? Were the supplies as high quaility as I find them? Let us know.

Visit Artvana and see for yourself everything that they have to won't be disapointed!!!


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