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Battle of the Beauty Boxes Ipsy, Macy's, Chic Beauty Box Who Will Win This Battle???

This month we decided to try something a little different. We received three beauty subscriptions and we reviewed each of them separately, then decided if we were only able to choose one of the subscriptions which would it be. It was so fun to see which box offered the best bang for the buck. Let us know if you agree with our assessment....and if not, which box would you choose?

Our first box was Ipsy. This is actually more of a bag with sample products than an actual box. But nonetheless....this subscription has had its ups and downs in our opinion. We had in past years been avid subscribers of Ipsy but over time grew bored with their almost predictable products. So, we had taken a break for a few years. Recently, we resubscribed to see if Ipsy had changed our minds and impressed us once again.

Ipsy did indeed up their game with this past months beauty bag. We have always loved the collectible bags that Ipsy offered. They are always soooo different in style, use and the quality is always really good. Love their logo that adorns the pull zipper as well. This months bag didn't disappoint at all. Its beautiful! The goodies that they included were far better in diversity than we had experienced in past years. To see the full unboxing with our review please visit our Youtube channel and view our unboxing.

The second box we received was from Macy's a box that we also had subscribed to in previous years. Macy's beauty box has upped it game with deluxe beauty samples (5-6) , it also gives you a coupon for $5 - $10 OFF a $20 or more purchase online or in store at Macy's which is cool extra. But the thing that we loved about this box is that it now offers a little extra gift with each box. Some of the gifts that we've received are a lidded cup with straw, beauty brushes and a few extra cute add ins that we loved.

The third box that we recently found was from Chic Beauty. Chick knows what a beauty box is suppose to be! Chic blew us away with some great full size beauty products in an attractive Chic Beauty Box and also a full size beautiful pallet!!!! And who doesn't love a pallet???!!!! The colors were stunning and the pigment was supreme.

Sooooo with all of that being said....Im sure your asking yourself....who did they pick as the best of the best of these three options....welllllll In our opinion all three was excellent this time around. If we had to choose between Ipsy and Macy's which price wise are about the same price...we would have to choose Macy's for this particular unboxing. Now as a whole.....when we chose between the three options, hands down we went with Chic Beauty Box. Chic offered full size products and a pallet for only a little more than the price of the Ipsy or Macy Box. The quality of the products that Chic Beauty offered in their box was exceptional. In all fairness the quality of the products that Ipsy and Macy's offers are excellent quality, name brand products and for the price point. You receive a good selection and nice presentation. We honestly would recommend any of the three boxes that we reviewed. But for this particular unboxing, we feel that for the price and for the products supplied Chic Beauty Box wins.

If you would like to check them out for yourself just click the links below.

**Ipsy Glambag

Glambag & 5 sample size products

$13 plus tax and s/h montly

**Macy's Beauty Box

Deluxe beauty samples

5-6 samples & Bonus Item

along with $5 - 10 coupon

$15 monthly

**Chic Beauty Box

5-6 Full size Brand Name Products

$34.99 Bi-Monthly

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