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Bloom Bright Box is Back!!

We are so excited to see one of our favorite boxes again....The Bloom Bright Box!!! The Bloom Bright Box never fails to impress us! Its always a joy to unbox! It is filled with delightful, color coordinated and theme coordinated little surprises that you will absolutely fall in love with. A review on their website suggested that this subscription box is as if your best friend sent it to you....your best friend who knows you so well. Truer words have not been spoken.

As we unwrapped the box itself, we are always amazed at the amount of items that will fit into the sweet little boxes. And let me tell you they are chock full and overstuffed with delight. The box that we unboxed for this review was so well curated that we were amazed at how the developer of the box was able to coordinate so many diverse items in color connection.

We found the quality as in the preview reviews to be exceptional. With handmade as well as manufactured items. Our delight came with the crystal hanging piece that we unboxed. It was adorned with stunning crystals. The hanger would be the perfect ceiling fan pull, window decor, or anyplace you would like to see the stunning shimmering crystals create their colorful patterns. Its also brass in color as well giving it a very rich, elegant look. We love it! The other pieces like the candle with matching decor decorated matches, Key-chain, crystal encrusted ballerina pin, incense sticks and holder, inspirational cards, ring...I could go on an on.......were all so well curated with the theme of the box and color coordination taken into consideration its just amazing.

Please watch a full video review on our Youtube website...while your there...please consider subscribing to our channel so that you won't miss any of our reviews or special videos.

If you would like to check out Bloom Bright Box for yourself....skip on over to their Etsy shop...where they have a wide selection of boxes can also choose to subscribe to their box and find the delight in receiving a new themed box each and every month.


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