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Captain Mail for Kids Subscription!

Captain Mail is the lil surprise you'll little ones will look forward to each week. This awesome treat will arrive in your mailbox each week or if you choose, biweekly or even monthly. Your little ones will anxiously wait by the mail box for "their" mail to arrive. Addressed right to your little one, this treat is both educational as well as recreational.

Captain Mail is a carefully curated packet of themed games, puzzles, 3D paper toy, newsletter and more...all ready for some great family time with your little ones. These fun, educational packets are address to your kids which makes it all the more fun for them. Kids always look forward to getting their own mail.

The materials provided in each packet help promote reading and creativity and you can be sure they are educationally accurate as they have teamed up with Encyclopedia Britannica for accuracy in the info that they provide. The age range states its for children ages 5 to up to about 10. But in all honestly I loved it and Im an adult....or at least I pretend I am. hehehehe

In each packet you will receive a newsletter with wonderful themed information and beautifully illustrated full color graphics. The packets are theme based...meaning the information in the newsletter coordinates with the puzzles, games and 3D Paper toy craft included in each packet. The packet encourages good morals, reading, and FUN! It also encourages that much needed quality time spent with their favorite grown up...being their mom or dad...or grandparent, baby sitter or anyone who they love spending time with....and away from the screens. ie: computers, tablets and phones. This old school approach is the perfect way for the kiddies to learn something new all the while having fun and spending time with the you!

Kids always look forward to receiving their own mail and this packet will have the kiddies waiting by the door for the mail person to arrive.

The one point of interest that we love about this particular subscription, aside from the the phenomenal price point is the fact that they donate a portion of their proceeds to organizations for under privileged children with learning disabilities. We love that!!!!!

A weekly subscription is only $4.50 thats only $18.00 a month!!!! for 4 issues

A Bi-weekly subscription is $5.50 thats only $11.00 a month for 2 issues

A Monthly subscription is only 6.50 thats only $6.50 a month for 1 issue

If you would like to see our video review of Captain Mail please visit our Youtube Channel

To check out Captain Mail or order it for yourself...just click the link : Captain Mail


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