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Ipsy Seriously?!?

Ipsy seriously??? What the heck are you thinking with these new style bags???? And don't get me started about the unscented Ipsy brand handcream called Refresher from your Refresher collection. Im starting to remember why I cancelled Ipsy the first time!!!

But there were a few things in this months bag that I loved...soooooo we shall see!!!! If you would like to subscribe to Ipsy: Subscribe to Ipsy Here

To watch our full video review check out our Youtube Channel!

Glam Bag: 5 deluxe-size samples, $13/month*

BoxyCharm: 5 full-size products, $28/month*

Icon Box: 8 full-size, celeb-curated products, $58/quarter* as an upgrade to your base membership (Glam Bag or BoxyCharm)

Hopefully next months bag will be back on track with the makeup bags and brand name products!!!! We shall see!!!!


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