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Mel Stem Science Subscription Box

If your child is a Science lover...or maybe you homeschool your child....or perhaps your child learns better with hands on work...then this is the subscription box for you! Mel Subscription Boxes are even the perfect science kit for schools! Mel Stem Science kits are self inclusive kits meaning that nearly everything that you need for your experiments are all found in this monthly kit. Each kit contains up to 7 exciting and most importantly safe science experiments. The kit that we reviewed was a Science kit...however Mel also offers a wide range of kits for all of your educational needs.

  • STEM ages 5–10+

  • Math ages 8–12+

  • Space ages 8–14+

  • Physics ages 8–14+

  • Chemistry ages 10–16+

  • Medicine ages 14–99+

MEL Science is an educational subscription that offers hands-on projects delivered monthly and 50+ digital experiences available anytime. Every subject has a recommended age range. When subscribing, you can choose subjects based on your childs age. MEL Science kits are award-winning home science kits that combine hands-on experiments and instructional webinars with virtual reality and augmented reality technologies to bring science to life.

They have made every effort to ensure that their hands-on projects are as safe as possible.

  • They comply with the US CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) requirements for educational sets.

  • Their hands-on chemistry projects comply with The European Committee for Standardization’s (CEN) special list of substances allowed in children’s chemistry sets (EN 71-4).

  • None of their projects include explosives.

  • All of them have been tested with kids and include detailed, visual step-by-step instructions.

This subscription box ships to not only the USA but also to the UK.

For USA residents the subscription prices are listed below.

Annual Billing subscription 29.90 per month saving over 180.00 on the yearly subscription

6 Month Billing subscription 34.90 per month saving over 60.00 on the 6 month subscription

3 Month Billing subscription 38.90 per month saving over 18.00 on the 3 month subscription

Monthly billing...or as we call it month to month billing 39.90 each month

Its easy to pause or cancel your subscription if you need to. You can pause or cancel your subscription at any time with one click in the My Account tab. You can also reactivate your subscription at any time.

You can easily gift a subscription to MEL Science. When subscribing, simply use the delivery address of the lucky person who will be using the kits.

Schools can also subscribe to these wonderful hands on activities. If you are a teacher you can get in touch with their customer support service at 1 (855) 971-2330 or to discuss introducing MEL Science to your classrooms.

Our impression of this subscription was very positive. We love the easy step by step directions as well as the videos making it very satisfying to a child when they complete each stem activity. The sense of pride and accomplishment when the child is able to complete the task and have a usable and very good quality item to use is what makes us love this Stem Kit. We can truly see why it is a favorite for both the USA as well as the UK. Kids love hands on activities and who are we do adults and with Mel offering kits for every stem math and science activity for children as well as a medical science kit for teens through adults, this company has hit the market with education for every age and every genera. We love Stem learning and we absolutely LOVE Mel !!!!!!!!!!

Check them out at MEL SCIENCE


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