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Whats all the fuss about Temu?? Our honest review with an unsponsored Temu haul

Temu is the hottest and fastest growing shopping website online today! Have you caught Temu fever??? We have some good and not so good points about our purchases. Check out our full video where I spill the tea.

Prices are insanely cheap!!! They offer 90 day free returns. Soooo many opportunities for freebies and price adjustments, games to help pay for your shopping addiction...heheheh Yes you earn real money to play their games...and many, many opportunities to earn credits toward your future purchases!!! To say Temu has an addictive following would be a complete understatement!! They have everything and anything you could possibly imagine and cheaper than you could ever purchase it anywhere else. Try it out for yourself with our Free $100 coupon bundle.

Try it out for yourself! I have a link below that will save you lots of loot!!

- $100 coupon bundle

- 50% off discount via searching our code: inc67223

Tiered Tray with Decor....yep...all Temu!!

Makeup Brush Container to keep brushes clean and dry...yep....Temu


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