What is a Subscription Box?


A subscription box is a package of retail products sent directly to a customer on a recurring basis. Subscription boxes are a marketing strategy and a method of product distribution.


They target a wide range of customers and cater to a variety of specific needs and interests. The subscription box industry is fairly new on the scene.   It is estimated that there are 400 to 600 different kinds of subscription boxes in the United States alone and more overseas.


Subscriptions vary in both cost and frequency, making them more accessible to a greater range of customers.  Subscription boxes tend to range from $10 to $100.  


The use of subscription boxes are rising in popularity among both consumers and businesses.  Large scale retailers like Walmart, Amazon.com, CVS Pharmacy, Freshpair, and Lancôme use subscription commerce. 


How do Subscription Boxes Work and are they worth the money?


Customers often receive discounts on products by buying them through subscription boxes. Many subscription boxes are offered in tiered levels of value as well as frequency of delivery. This allows subscription boxes to be affordable to a wider range of customers.


Subscription boxes often have products in them that are of greater value than the subscription allowing customers to save money on products they already know they enjoy as well as try new products without having to risk spending as much on a product they may not enjoy.


Choices are minimized for customers which prevents them from becoming paralyzed and makes decisions simpler to make. Because subscriptions are automated after activation, continuing to receive the product and maintain the subscription takes minimal effort for the customer. Customers are more satisfied when the purchasing process requires less work.


Subscription boxes can be a fun experience for customers. Customers enjoy the surprise of discovering what is inside, and they discover products they not have known about or tried otherwise. This allows customers to try products and brands risk free. The increased exposure to new products helps customers discover optimal products for their preferences and needs. While only some subscription boxes have return options, there exist places such as blogs to exchange the unwanted items



How do I choose what subscription box to subscribe to:



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