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How many of us treat our fur babies like family members??? Ok...everyone I know would be on that list. We found a subscription box that is perfect for the dog and puppy families. This box titled Bucket & Bones supplies you with premeasured ingredients, recipes, cookie cutters and packaging supplies to make quality homemade treats at home. The prepackaged supplies that we purchase in the supermarkets have so many chemicals and preservatives in them that we can't even identify. The supplies that Bucket & Bones provide in each subscription box have all wholesome preservatives and nothing that you can't identify. Many pets have allergies to the prepackaged foods and treats and this is also a sure fix by supplying our fur babies with treats that we made from our own kitchen with wholesome ingredients.

This box in our opinion is the perfect gift for a pet owner, children who love baking and cooking, someone looking to start a pet treat business or anyone looking for quality pet treats. As each box offers a new recipe and all of the ingredients to create a boatload of treats your fur baby will be loving the snacks you make for them. However, maybe you would instead like to make these delicious goodies for your local rescue or a friend or family member who has a puppy or a dog. This would be an awesome gift for you as you can make your treats and package them up beautifully in the adorable bags and packaging that Bucket & Bones supplies in each box.

In our box we received the premeasured ingredients....everything we needed was supplied....we also received an adorable butterfly cookie cutter but you could really use any cookie cutter you have a home. included in the box was also the cutest packaging supplies with bone motif on the cute!!!

Prices for the Bucket & Bones Subscription Box is very nominal for everything that they supply.

A month by month subscription is only 39.99

A Bi-monthly (every other month) subscription is only 39.99

A 3 month prepaid subscription is only 116.97

All Plans Include:

  • Pre-measured ingredients for 48 treats

  • “Doggie Bags” for gifting

  • Pawprint cookie bag for storage

  • Tip Sheet

  • Custom recipe card

  • 3” Bone-shaped cutter in the first box

  • 2”-3” Seasonal cookie cutter

  • Pause your subscription for up to 2 months a year


  • Fun stickers and occasional gifts for You

  • Exclusive Discounts on New Products

Check Out Bucket & Bones

Updated: May 23

Get your beach bod the easy way...with Muscle Box!!

Each Muscle Box includes:


Motivational workout equipment like bands and skipping ropes, and other quality accessories like shakers and water bottles.


Quality gym attire from shirts, hoodies, shorts and more, so you can hit the gym in style. Including brands such as Muscle Nation, HyprMV and more.


Discover something new every month with handpicked supplements and high protein snacks to keep you going.


Top fitness & supplement companies worldwide give MuscleBox members deals that can't be found anywhere else.


They pack a workout plan each month in the MuscleBox, designed by qualified personal trainers to keep you informed and motivated.


Every month MuscleBox arrives at your door to remind you to get into the gym or workout from the comfort of your own home and succeed in your goals.

Monthly subscription prices are reasonable at only 32.00 per month for the mens or womens box or the Protein Box

MuscleBox is a fitness subscription box, and your secret weapon to staying motivated and getting the results you deserve! Once you become a member, you’ll receive your MuscleBox each month full of motivation to help you transform. From Clothing to exercise equipt. to snacks to gear....Muscle Box will have you covered. The most important part of the subscription doesn't lie in the box though, its the online motivational workouts and sessions that keep you excited and interested in continuing your journey getting fit. Whether your looking to loose a few pounds or gain some muscle and just feel and look better, Muscle Box has your best interest at heart and knows how to keep you going through those tough workouts. The motivation and sessions are invaluable. As they are what sets this wonderful box aside from other health and exercise subscription boxes.

During our unboxing we found a variety of high quality products. The first three products were a variety of three Keto friendly cookies. Each cookie was individually packaged and in perfect condition. The next product we unwrapped was a beautiful light blue metal thermos perfect for taking on hikes, to the gym, pool or beach. Its a well made thermos that will keep hot things hot and cold things cold for quite some time. It looks super cool as well with a sturdy but flexible rubber handle attached to the lid of the thermos. Our last item in the unboxing was a HYPRMV Tee. The tee’s feature a scooped hem and extended length for optimal comfort. The tapered fit is designed to give you a slim secured look. The quality is exceptional.

We highly recommend this box as a gift for someone you love or a gift for yourself. We all know that self love is super treat yourself and do something good for your body at the same time! You'll be so glad that you did!

Check Out Our Video Review on Youtube: Musclebox Review

Please check out Muscle Box Subscription Box Here

(Use coupon code: chattykathie for 25% off all subscriptions.)

If your a beginner, intermediate or advanced crafter you know how intimidating it can be to walk into a craft store...if you can even find a craft store in your area and meander up and down the isles looking for inspiration and then everything you need to create your project. Sometimes you find yourself frustrated because they only have half of the supplies that you need to complete the project shown in the store. Ugggg. I know your pain. I've been there and sympathize with you.

I've found the what I find to be the perfect craft club for everyone and anyone who loves crafting. Do you love crocheting, quilting, knitting, card making, kids crafts, jewelry making, farmhouse style crafting.....Annie's Kit Clubs has all of those and choose the craft that you like and Annies curates a monthly kit just for your taste. You receive everything you need to create your project from materials to you will see in our Youtube video they supply everything!!!! No need to go on Amazon and try to find the things that the craft store didn't have. Annie's supplies you with it all!!!!

The one thing that I love about Annie's Kit clubs is that you can cancel at any time. Not that you would want to but you can rest easy knowing you aren’t locked into a long-term commitment. You’re free to stop your subscription any time. Each month delivers an opportunity to learn a new technique, expanding your skill set and your creative possibilities!

Pre-made items are convenient, but convenience doesn’t always equal connection. Spend time doing somthing that brings you joy, crafting, as you spend time learning and trying new things; reconnect with others by creating gifts they’ll remember or creating new things for your own home.

The selection of kit clubs to choose from is astounding! A list of their kit clubs are listed below. I've also included a link for 50% off your first kit so that you could try one out and see what all of the fuss is about. Im confident that you'll find the kits as wonderdful as we have...but if you don't just cancel on their website and your not obligated. It really is that easy. If only everything was as convenient as Annie's Kit Clubs. Let us know what you think about the clubs...have you tried it yet....are you excited about trying one? Let us know.


This coupon is for 50% off your first shipment of an Annie's Kit Club subscription. Our Kit Clubs are designed for every type, flavor, and level of crafter. From woodworking to beading, knitting to card-making, Annie’s has just the project for you. When you join one of our Kit Clubs, ready-to-go craft kits are mailed straight to your home on a regular basis—no prep work required.

Annie's Kit Clubs

Please also check out our full Youtube Review of Annies Craft Club

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